Olkiramatian Game Scouts

Payakuoni Kitesho

Corporal of Olkiramatian Scouts


Kitesho is the Scout corporal. He received his training from Manyani Training School, where he gained field craft, First Aid and GPS navigation skills.

He is one of the eight age set leaders working with the age set chief to lead all the cultural activities of the age set.In an outstanding ceremony where Morans celebrate the four most generous Morans of their age set, Kitesho was selected.


Moses Ole Sairowua

Olkiramatian Game Scout
Moses is an artist well known for his songs and sense of humor. He likes singing about leadership, for instance he sang a song asking leaders to manage our natural resources well. During the game scouts training, Moses hummed his songs about wildlife for the scouts while matching.  He is skilled in fieldcraft, First Aid and GPS navigation.



Matayian Ole Tirike

Parade Commander, Olkiramatian Game Scout

Matayian had been a moran for four years and is well experienced in field craft as he received the lessons from his seniors throughout the moranism period. With the other morans during that stage of initiation, they took daily patrols through the grazing area and near the community homes for security and information on grazing purposes. He also trained at Manyani Training School, where he gained skills in fieldcraft, First Aid and GPS navigation.



Loyeyio Ntumona

Olkiramatian Radio Communication Scout

Loyeyio learned fieldcraft, First Aid and GPS navigation at Manyani Training School.



Jackson Kilusu

Olkiramatian Game Scout

Kilusu trained at Manyani Training School, where he gained skills in field craft, First Aid and GPS navigation.



Joshua Loishorua

Olkiramatian Game Scout

Joshua Worked in Tata Chemicals Magadi formally known as Magadi Soda Company for two years in the manufacturer department. He volunteered at AMREF -Kenya as a community health worker and water sanitation patroller for five years. Joshua is skilled in field craft, First Aid and GPS navigation.



Kinyanchui Lelein

Olkiramatian Game Scout

Kinyanchui is the age set chief. He is among the top age set leaders who makes final decisions on matters concerning the age set ceremonies and good relation between age set members. As an appointed leader, he plays a big role in community meetings.

Kinyanchui has attended trainings in community leadership, peer education, Magnet theatre in community health, Implementation of youth mobilization on HIV&AIDS program through AMREF. He attended a stake holders training on conservation of natural resources for sustainable livelihoods by Greater Wildlife Ecosystem. He is Skilled in fieldcraft, First Aid and GPS navigation.



Lebaati Tonkey

Olkiramatian Game Scout
Lebaati is currently training to become a scout at the Olorgesailie Scout Camp.

Game Scouts

Soralo initiated a community Game scout programme. The main objective of the programme is to enhance Biodiversity conservation and wildlife management in the dispersal areas within the Soralo Group Ranches in Namanga,Magadi,and masai Mara,while at the same time imprope the social economic standards of the host communities.

Soralo is spearheading the opening up of the southern tourist circuit , and promote the creation of a main conservation area in the region.

The Scouts are involved in the day to day management of wildlife and resources in the non protected areas.Scouts play a crucial role in the protection of wildlife , environment, and resources in the areas where KWS and other government conservation efforts cannot reach due
to shortage of  man power and other resources.

The main roles of the scouts are:

  1. To carry out anti-poaching patrols.
  2. Monitoring and protection of endangered wildlife.
  3. Environmental protection.
  4. Environmental awareness education.



The game scouts carry out this initiative in collaboration with the Kenya Wildlife Service, Kenya Forest Department, local administration, District Environmental committees and other agencies that can provide professional and technical support.

Under the leadership of their corporal, they carry out daily patrols within the group ranch, looking for any signs of poaching and illegal timber harvesting, and act as mediators if any human-wildlife incidents arise. They are responsible for arresting poachers, rescuing wounded animals, protecting threatened animals, controlling human-wildlife conflict and collecting scientific data on biodiversity.


In the eco-tourism area, they help keep track of different wildlife species by recording their GPS location in the conservancy during their patrols. The scouts also act as guides for researchers and other visitors during game drives.

Guard Inspection

Scouts Training