Education Outreach Program


Almost of SORALO’s programs, particularly those based at the Lale’enok Resource Centre have an education component.  Education is viewed in its broadest sense, in the generation and sharing of knowledge. Each program, from the Cattleman’s Association to the Cultural Heritage program included information sharing.

However the main Education Program is based at the Lale’enok Resource Centre and has the following, more specific aims and objectives:     

  • To host and coordinate local and international education groups to the centre and projects.
  • To promote Lale’enok as a field study centre both locally and internationally
  • To provide content and support to the environmental clubs in the south rift schools
  • To develop the education capacity of conservation leaders to be able to package and relay information to their community
  • To be the centre for information dissemination and feedback in the South Rift, be it traditional or scientific information.
  • To coordinate information dissemination through :-
  1. Hosting annual Lale’enok field days 
  2. Hosting local schools in an annual conservation day
  3. Hosting local schools for conservation education weekends.
  4. Producing international scientific publications
  • To develop education-based international collaborations e.g. Maasai Music Project, Earth Expeditions, CZBG.

Plans for 2014

In addition to the above:

Beginning in late 2013, members from the Lale’enok team, coordinated by Joel Njonjo, visited the local primary schools once a week to engage in activities with the environment and wildlife clubs.

This year we have planned to set tasks ahead of time, term by term, which will culminate in each club working towards creating a ‘Maasai Guide of the Natural Resources of Olkiramatian and Shompole’.  Each club will investigate three chosen mammals, birds, reptiles, trees, flowers and other natural items over the year and document local folklore, pictures, stories, poems and local uses of these items. These will then be compiled and produced as a document to share with each other and with other members of the community and visitors to the area. 

ACC and SORALO will combine forces to support an American artist to assist in the development of this document. In addition we aim to continue to develop the concept of the Pastoral Conservation Leadership Training Course, which we would like to develop as a core program at Lale’enok.